• Mary in Our Midst


      One day at my local church, a group of about 40 people gathered in the chapel area, where there was a statue of Mary, to perform a Marian consecration—something we’d just learned about through a book club program. We moved the statue from the chapel to a nearby hall to perform the consecration. As we recited the words out loud and in unison, I began to feel as if Mary were in our midst.


      Once the ceremony was over, I was asked to move the statue back to the chapel. I went to pick it up, suddenly realizing how heavy it was. I managed to wrapped both of my arms around it and hoist it up against my chest. But after making my way across the room, I realized the statue no longer felt heavy. It was like I was carrying a statue made of balsa wood. Then suddenly I felt a gentle warmth, like a blanket, on my shoulders and an incredible sense of peace and comfort radiated around me. I sensed Mary’s presence and felt as if she were wrapping her arms around me.


      I don’t remember anything about the rest of my walk back to the chapel because I was in tears. It was almost as if I were walking on air. I have never experienced such peace, love, and joy in my entire life.


      After I placed Mary’s statue back on the stand in the chapel, I knelt before her and pondered what had just happened. I prayed for quite a while, thanking Mary for this beautiful experience. I left feeling aglow in her love.


      I think Mary may have been showing me—and all of us—her appreciation for our efforts. This is truly an experience I will never, ever forget.


      — John S.

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